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Širokospektrální tinktura 1500mg (5%)


1500mg (91% CBD / 3.6% CBG / 0.5% CBN / CBDV 0.3% / THC 0 %), 30ml

From now on, you can discover the beneficial effects of several ingredients in one bottle. Thanks to our new range of broad-spectrum hemp oils, which we produce directly in the Czech Republic, you will calm your body and mind. Our products are suitable for everyday use. They will help you get your life back into balance during difficult times. Try our broad-spectrum oils with a high content of CBD and CBG, which will not only ensure a happier life, but also help you with pain, stress and the treatment of other diseases.

  • Helps calm the body and mind
  • Mírní stres a může pomoci od bolesti
  • Může působit protizánětlivě
  • Not psychoactive (0% THC)
  • Vegan
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Flavors: pine / cinnamon / orange + light hemping flavor

Ingredients: Broad-spectrum hemp oil containing 3000 mg (91% CBD / 3.6% CBG / 0.5% CBN / CBDV 0.3% / THC 0%), hemp oil

Recommended dosage: The recommended daily dosage is 1 ml. The usual dose is 1 x 1ml (ie 50mg CBD / 1ml). It is also suitable for long-term use.

Warning: Not suitable for children, pregnant and lactating women. Keep out of reach of children. It is not intended as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Once opened, store at 8-15 ° C.


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