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Sleep Aid

The CBD oil has been used for centuries to promote sleep. In the famous medical reference Materia Medica, published in the 18th century, cannabis was mentioned as a “painkiller”. Its reintroduction into Western medicine by William B. O’Shaughnessy in 1843 has led to highlighting the healing properties of “Indian cannabis” for sleep disorders.

The most common problems are associated with falling asleep or the length of sleep. Clinical studies, including research from the Hospital in České Budějovice, prove that small doses of NANO CBD can help with both falling sleep, as well as staying sleep.

The reason why CBD is a great helper in sleep is that its use can reduce behavioural disorders during the REM sleep phase [also called parasomnia – when a patient begins to actually (behaviourally) participate in their dreams during sleep], which helps patients with Parkinson’s disease. Each use of CBD has a sedative effect and improves sleep quality.

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