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Muscle recovery

CBD is particularly effective in regenerating the body and helps with arthritis, muscle or skin problems. Fantastic results have been registered in the treatment of back, knee, and joint pain and while successfully eliminating cramps.

Cannabidiol supports the rapid regeneration of bone and bone marrow. This is evidenced by the results of a study conducted in 2017 on mice with broken femurs. At the same time, the researchers came to an important conclusion: accelerated bone regeneration and strengthening was observed only in animals receiving pure CBD, while in combination with THC, the hemp’s effect was not as rapid.

Another study in mice showed that oral use of CBD-based drugs halted the progression of osteoarthritis, the most common joint disease, which affects almost all people, up to one or second degree, at age 80 and many begin to develop it after the age of 40-50. However, Chinese researchers have already performed experiments on human tissues and found that cannabinoids can prevent the cartilage wear, which is often caused by excessive physical activity experienced by sportsmen.

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