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Our story

Jonas and Radek – long-term Czech friendship originated in Canada, had led them to the idea of Green Pharmaceutics. They first met through Radek’s daughter during a visit to the local Canadian festival. Their ideas intertwined in many ways, especially due to the fact that Radek was at that time introducing the CBD NANO technology to the American market and Jonáš had three years of business experience with CBD products as well. Both subsequently approached the CBD market in Canada and expanded their businesses to EU.

Eventually they decided to start a business together in their native Czech Republic and bring the best CBD products to their domestic market. In 2018, Radek‘s experience with CBD and CBD NANO technologies was combined with Jonas’ experience with CBD oil tinctures which led to establishing their company, Green Pharmaceutics.
From the beginning, the company has focused on developing products such as CBD NANO and various CBD oil flavored tinctures. The flavor consists of : Mango Mint, White Wine and Blueberry. Green Pharmaceutics is currently located in Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic. We continue to develop new products for our customers, such as CBG and Broad Spectrum. Our goal at Green Pharmaceutics is to enrich European market with thc free cannabis products. We are focusing on spreading awareness of the benefits that this innovative and useful substance brings in the treatment of both physical and mental problems.

Our products are suitable to a wide range of customers, from athletes, families with children, all the way to the older generation.