CBD Common Usage

Managing minor afflictions such as acute stress, sleeping disorders or assisting with focus Relieving major afflictions such as muscle pain, chronic anxiety, severe stress or other persistent ailments. Managing chronic issues or lifelong disabilities such as addictions, epilepsy, symptoms of multiple sclerosis and cancer treatment.

CBD And Your Body

CBD Homeostasis Cannabinoids are not only found in Cannabis. They are naturally produced in your body, such as being an important component in breast milk production. These cannabinoids are received by a complex network of receptors throughout the human brain and body. CBD can promote homeostasis within the body all the way down to the …

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Our Nano Approach

We believe that CBD is a powerful tool to help consumers manage and improve both their mental and physical health. Nano CBD is currently one of the most effective options for CBD treatment. Use of nanolipospheres greatly increases CBD absorption when ingested: 1. Increased bioavailability.2. Longer lasting in the body.3. Accurate dosing due to product …

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Our Process

We source pure CBD from high quality hemp oil through farming and extraction partners.